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NKV-RT roof louvre

105 NKV-RT

The NKV-RT louvre, with its weathered side ventilator sections, is designed to provide a high performance, non-powered method for the removal of large quan­tities of warm air and /or smoke. This ventilator is particularly suitable for use in industrial or commercial buildings where thermal protection is important and high volumes of ventilation, with reduced weathered ventilation are required. The extruded aluminium profiles to the louvre blades ensure the best possible visual appearance. The high performance NKV-RT ventilator has an operable top louvre section, which provides large areas of opening for heat or smoke ex­tract. The blades are fitted with weather resistant EPDM seals to form an airtight unit when closed for energy conservation, and a rainwater gutter at each blade junction sheds water to either side of the louvre for external drainage. This is to ensure a waterproof internal construction. Side ventilators allow continuous weather protected ventilation at a reduced level. The side ventilators are fitted with operable dampers to allow volume control, and two sizes of side ventilators are available to allow for the maximum ventilation capacity, or a lower profile unit as required to meet the Architects and Engineers requirements. The con­struction is formed using high quality corrosion resistant aluminium to ensure low maintenance. Various methods of operation including pneumatic or electri­cal systems are available.

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