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NKVD-PF twin flap roof ventilator


The NKVD-PF twin flap ventilator provides an economical and energy efficient method of ex­hausting large quantities of warm air and / or smoke from a building. The NKVD-PF is particu­larly suitable for industrial and commercial buildings where the overall building design requires low rates of air leakage, good sound attenuation or good thermal insulation performance. The NKVD-PF is a flat, very low profile unit and is supplied for flat roof installation with solid blades. To prevent staining, polycarbonate or glass bladed units should only be specified where the roof slope is 10 Deg or more from the horizontal. The low profile makes the NKVD-PF ideal for instal­lations where Architectural requirements require a rigid but unobtrusive ventilator. The NKVD-PF ventilator is manufactured to NEN-EN-ISO 9002 quality control standards and is designed and tested to comply EN 12101-2. Specially designed units offer high levels of sound reduction for theatres and similar noise sensitive buildings.

Read more in the NKVD-PF whitepaper

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