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TMS-DG operable wall louvre

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The TMS-DG Wall Louvre provides an economic means of introducing large quantities of fresh air into a building. As a certified smoke extract ventilator the louvre may also be used for smoke extract in the event of a fire, where wall extract systems are acceptable. The TMS-DG louvre is particularly suitable for industrial and commercial buildings where high levels of ventilation are required and it is commonly used as an operable air inlet for high heat or smoke extract systems, operating in conjunction with roof extract louvres or fans. The TMS-DG louvre is available with solid or glazed blades and is therefore ideal for installations where ventilation plus day lightning is required. The large bladed aesthetically pleasing louvres are manufactured tot NEN-EN-ISO 9001 quality control standards and are designed and tested.

Read more in the TMS-DG whitepaper

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