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Chilled Beam


The GB-30 closed active beam is used to cool or heat room air. Active beams contain a supply air plenum. Primary fresh air is supplied directly into the plenum where it is forced through induction nozzles. Air leaving the nozzles at high velocity pulls secondary room air through the heat exchanger, from below the beam, using the induction effect. The mixture of the primary supply air and induced secondary air enters the room, through the longitudinal slots along both sides of the beam, with a horizontal air pattern. The chilled beam system is a dry-cooling system and therefore, to avoid condensation, the inlet water temperature for the beam should always be above the primary air dew point temperature. If windows can be opened then the water flow to the beams should be disabled to avoid condensation. If for some reason the room air has become too humid, the water circulation must be switched off with the primary fresh air ventilation still running. After the building has dehumidified, the water circulation can be restarted.

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