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The Air Diffusion Model Slot is designed to combine a high air change rate capacity with maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control, suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications linear slot diffusers offer unobtrusive good looks together with functional efficiency. Linear slot diffusers are particularly suited to large open plan offices, where changing occupancy layouts demand an air distribution system that includes built in adaptability to suit the relocation of internal partitioning. Available in two slot widths; a 20mm wide or 25mm wide and from 1 to 8 slot sizes offers the widest range of variations to provide the designer with performance for higher airflows when required. SLOT20 and SLOT25 are both suitable for use in either Ceiling or Sidewall applications; the internal vanes are adjustable to provide either a horizontal or vertical air pattern discharge. The standard flange border is 25mm but a multitude of different flange types are also available to allow the slot diffuser to be fully integrated with the ceiling design. Purpose designed and correctly selected co-ordinating sheet metal plenum boxes may also be provided to ensure the overall performance and characteristics of the diffuser are maintained. For uniform air distribution it is recommended that plenum boxes are fitted with an equalising grid.

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