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Hoog inductie lijnrooster


In our High Induction Slot range there are two slot widths 15mm or 26mm and both are available with either a flanged or flangeless frame. Models LD13 and LD130 have a 15mm slot width, whereas Models LD14 and LD140 have a 26mm slot width. It is important to remember that models LD 13 and LD 14 have a flanged frame whilst the models LD 130 and LD 140 have a flangeless frame. Each diffuser incorporates an adjustable inner cylindrical deflector, which, by simply swivelling gives a full 360° range of air supply adjustment options, left, right and vertical discharge or a combination of all three from a single diffuser. The cylindrical deflectors also provide air control and shut off if required. The High Induction Slot diffusers are suitable for mounting heights of 2.5 to 4.0 metres and may be used for heating or cooling applications. A high induction rate and a rapid decrease of temperature difference means these diffusers are ideal for use in most air distribution system designs.

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