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Plafondrooster geperforeerd


A comprehensive range of ceiling mounted perforated face diffusers is available, including the redesigned Model PD, Model DFP drop face perforated diffuser and a new design Model DPP drop plaque perforated face diffuser. Each diffuser produces a radial air pattern and even air distribution making the diffusers suitable for most applications including general office areas, public areas, restaurants and kitchens.
A new feature encompassing a twoposition perforated face design is incorporated into the Model DPP drop plaque perforated face ceiling diffuser, which results in the diffuser providing rapid room entrainment. An easily adjustable two-position perforated plaque gives alternative air projection into the occupied space.
A collection of popular frame styles allows integration with most modular ceiling systems. All outer frames are manufactured from high quality extruded aluminium sections and feature a welded construction.

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