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The unique design of the narrow transfer grille Model NTG gives an ultra slim profile of only 12mm. A distinctive feature of the design is the separate frame and inner core. To ensure non-vision and a clear passage for air transfer through the core, the vanes are positioned at 45°. The narrow transfer grille is designed for installation on the external face of a door or partition. This leaves the remaining door or partition depth unobstructed, for use in conjunction with an intumescent or fire/smoke damper. An easy method of installation involves the separate inner core being firmly screw fixed to the external face of the door or partition and using the pre-formed notches, the grille frame simply slides over the inner core to clip into place, the assembly can then be secured by concealed grub screws on the underside of the grille frame. This exclusive feature results in no visible external fixings.  The Model NTG is available in nominal sizes from 150 x 150mm to 450 x 450mm. Normally each grille is supplied as a single unit but may also be supplied as a pair to form a double unit for use on either side of a door or partition.

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