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TAFR wervel vloerrooster


Model TAFR circular floor swirl diffuser blends both form and function into its design. The diffuser face possesses a series of curved slots, which provides a high induction helical air pattern and yet results in an astonishingly low plenum pressure, making it ideal for most applications using pressurised under floor air distribution systems. Cleverly incorporated into the design is a manual air volume damper, which is easily adjusted by simply rotating the diffuser face. Each diffuser is supplied with M6 grub screws as a damper locking screw. Visual status of the damper position is via the external open/close indicator coupled with the internal open/close stop. There is no need to remove the diffuser face, a unique feature only found in the Model TAFR. Each diffuser also includes a dirt/dust collection receptacle, which is easily removed for cleaning.

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